Dhappy®Women Modaier妊娠3分パンツ韓国セキュリティパンツボディースリムアンチレギンスマター

Dhappy®Women Modaier妊娠3分パンツ韓国セキュリティパンツボディースリムアンチレギンスマター

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Materical: Modaier (Three points pants)
Size: M/L/XL/XXL(Please refer the size chart for details)
All of them can adjust the size,Use the buttons to control the size of the waistline.
Suitable for all pregnant women
4 Colors:Black/Grey/White/Flesh

1. High elastic fabric, with an effective carrying ability, suitable to pregnant woman.Perfect to reduce the risk of waist falling.
2. Easy to collocation clothes and short dress.
3. Comfortable and soft, Prevent friction,prevent exposure,breathable

Package content:
1 x Pregnant women pants
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平均配送日数7~14 営業日
商品説明Dhappy® Women Modaier Pregnant 3 Minutes of Pants Korea Security Pants Body Slim Anti Leggings Maternity Insurance Pants


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